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On this page we will keep you up to date with the latest news from Tiddenfoot.

All Tiddenfoot night passes are now sold. We have set up a waiting list for night passes. To add your name to the waiting list send your name and contact details to LBAC using our waiting list email address - lbacmembership@gmail.com

Anglers can now fish at Tiddenfoot for four nights. See rule 21 in the membership book.

Tiddenfoot updates and Night pass changes

Tiddenfoot is one of LBACís flagship waters. It has been under our control for many years and in that time we have seen it become the premium specimen water in the area and one of the best in the country. It contains a truly staggering array of large carp and catfish and the popularity of this venue has continued to grow and grow.

Last year we asked you, the Tiddenfoot anglers to provide our bailiff team and committee with honest feedback around the lake and issues you have been facing. Many of you stated that you wanted to see an increased bailiff presence, improvement to the existing stocking, primacy given to local anglers and more work parties undertaken. We are aware the lake was very crowded last year due to extra pressure from anglers, largely as a result of the lockdowns. We appreciate that overcrowded waters are not something any of us want.

With the above in mind LBAC have taken on-board your suggestions and this season we shall be making some changes to how Tiddenfoot is managed. With any change comes some initial concern and we shall of course continue to monitor this matter and as always welcome your feedback as the season progresses. We hope to ensure all of you who fish this water see significant improvement to your angling experience and this magnificent lake continues to provide top-class fishing for years to come.

Night passes

    We are limiting the number of night passes to 100 to help minimise overcrowding. We will also change the way we sell these so that existing local anglers have the first opportunity to purchase night passes. Next year this limit may reduce further if the lake is still too crowded. 

  • Night passes will go on sale from April 12th, along with the new club books.
  • Browns of Leighton Buzzard will be the only agent to sell night passes. 
  • From April 12th to May 10th Browns of Leighton Buzzard will only sell night passes to anglers who purchased a night pass last year.
  • You will need to take your current club book to Browns of Leighton Buzzard to show you have a current and valid night pass.
  • After 10th May, night passes will be available to all anglers.
  • When all 100 night passes have been sold no more will be issued.
  • Night pass prices will increase, as detailed further below.

 Night pass prices

For the coming season the night pass charge will increase to £100, plus the cost of club membership, which remains at £40, making the total price for both £140.

At present Tiddenfoot contains four different 40lb+ Carp, Catfish to over 100lb, Tench to 13lb, Bream to 16lb, Rudd to 3lb and other specimen sized species such as Pike, Perch and Eels.

This will bring the cost in-line with other waters of similar stature and those located around us. It is important to note that the club  have not increased the price of this ticket for many years. This venue has a huge array of specimen fish and represents fantastic value for money. We are minded that the cost of angling at Tiddenfoot at night is still significantly lower than any other water in the local area with such specimen fish on offer. The club will also be investing in Tiddenfoot, a new lease and specimen fish stocking will take place this year.

Lake stocking

Through liaison with VS Fisheries, who are a nationally renowned Carp breeder, we have devised a stocking-plan for Tiddenfoot in order to re-invest funds accrued and secure the lake as a premium carp water for the future. We intend to increase the carp numbers with regular stockings of hand-picked specimens starting this year.  

We have reserved 20 C5 carp (16lb to 20lb) which are scheduled to be delivered during the next stocking window (Autumn 2021). They are beautiful fish, with some stunning scale patterns (as seen in the picture). We are confident they will go on to become future 30lb-40lb fish and provide fantastic value for money. Further fish have been reserved with VS Fisheries for future stocking next year and we shall continue yearly stocking to maintain the levels of specimen fish. We want to create a premier specimen fishery for our members.

Lake maintenance

We are aware that some of the swims need maintenance. Working on the bankside at Tiddenfoot is very much limited by rules imposed by the council. These changes are strictly reviewed by our landlord and any work must be approved prior to taking place. It is not simply the case of undertaking our own work as per other waters within the LBAC portfolio. Many people from outside of angling utilise and enjoy Tiddenfoot. We must be mindful of them and ensure all users are afforded a pleasant experience. Working along side groups who retain interest in the park is a priority for us to ensure we co-exist and the future of angling at this site is secure.

We have been working with the council for many months highlighting your concerns around some of the swims and we are happy to state that we have agreed a process that makes it easier for us to make changes.  As a public park, Health and Safety is their key concern, but we are pleased to say that we may now carry out pre-approved bank side repairs and limited changes in cooperation with the Tiddenfoot Park User Group. We will be soon announcing on this page and Facebook, dates for work parties at Tiddenfoot. If you are keen to assist please contact us to register your interest. We must emphasize that all work must be supervised by LBAC and will be at times, working with members of the Park User Group. Our rules relating to members not being allowed to make any bank side changes will still be strictly enforced. Please do not jeopardize our relation with our colleagues in the council or park user groups by carrying out any un-official bankside maintenance.


We are expanding the bailiff team for Tiddenfoot and changing how the team works. We will appoint additional bailiffs and they will be asked to patrol Tiddenfoot more regularly.  This will include ensuring the club rules are adhered to more stringently.  There will be regular bailiff meetings and open forms of communications between the team.  If you would like to be part of the bailiffing team please contact John Carroll, our head bailiff. John's phone number is in your membership book and on the website.

Future plans

We believe the above changes have responded to the needs of the Tiddenfoot anglers. Our aim as a club is to ensure Tiddenfoot becomes a highly respected club water that attracts a high caliber of angler. We hope you see these changes as a positive step in securing the future of this wonderful water that allows for future generations the chance to catch specimen fish at an extremely competitive price. We will continue to monitor the popularity of the lake this year and if any overcrowding is noted we will further reduce the number of night-passes available. There is a possibility that a further reduction in the number of night passes would lead to an increase in the night pass fee.  Our aim is to provide a top-quality specimen fishery with local anglers given priority.




Tiddenfoot Photo Gallery

Joe with a 37lb Tiddenfoot carp

Joe with a 44lb Tiddenfoot carp, July 2021

Dean Fordham with an 85lb Tiddenfoot cat and also a 70, picture above