LBAC Rules


Like most fishing clubs we have a set of rules we expect our members to obey. The full set of rules can be found in our membership book. ALL members are expected to read the rules and then sign the front of the membership book to indicate that they are aware of the rules and will obey them. We have an active bailiffing team on our waters. If a club official asks to see proof of membership you must show a valid and signed book. Unsigned books are not considered proof of membership.

Remember you must sign the membership book to state that you have read our club rules. Stating you were not aware of the rules if found to be in contravention of them will not be an acceptable or valid excuse.

Here are some basic rules our members must obey:

  1.   You must carry and be prepared to show proof of membership when fishing.
  2.   Litter must not be left. Take home all litter.
  3.   No bankside changes may be carried out, eg. digging, cutting or felling.
  4.   No dogs, they are not allowed on our waters.
  5.   No keepnets allowed, club matches are an exception to this rule.
  6.   Fish must be returned as soon as possible. Use a mat for large fish.
  7.   You must not disturb or annoy other anglers or members of the public.
  8.   Members under the influence of alcohol or drugs will be asked to leave.
  9.   LBAC reserves the right to remove membership if our rules are disobeyed.
10.   Anglers fishing for carp or catfish at Rackley Hills or Tiddenfoot must use a minimum 3lb test curve rod, minimum 20lb line, a landing net with 50" arms and have a large unhooking mat.

New club rule. After use otter fence gates at Rackley Hills lake must be closed and locked. Members who fail to close and lock the gate will have their club membership withdrawn.