Club News

                                                                      A 42lb Tiddenfoot mirror carp                          An early Spring catfish from Tiddenfoot


New club membership available soon from our agents

Adult £50   All other categories £20 
Tiddenfoot night pass £150

2022 Club membership is from June 1st 2022 until May 31st, 2023. New members buying a membership during April or May 2022 are able to fish from the date of purchase of the membership until May 31st of the following year. Always have your membership book on display to help our water bailiffs.

Please note that LBAC DO NOT sell day tickets for any of their waters. You must be able to present a current and valid membership book to fish on any of our waters.

Please note : From 2022 we require a passport size and style photograph of the member to be firmly glued inside the front cover.

New Juvenile angler membership

Two juveniles, under 13, may fish with an adult member, all in the same swim.
1. Each Juvenile member must have one of our free Juvenile angler membership cards, available from agents.
2. No night fishing, the juvenile angler must be supervised at all times and use only 1 rod.
3. Juvenile anglers under 13 may not use a specimen style set up aimed at carp or catfish if they are fishing at Rackley or Tiddenfoot.
4. Juveniles may fish for carp at Astral Park or Broadwater with appropriate supervision by an adult member in the same swim.

Anglers under 13 may now fish free of charge. A Juvenile angler card is available from our agents.

Otter fence

An otter fence has been installed at Rackley Hills lake to protect the lake fish stock. Otters have been in the area for a while now and we had to protect our fish from predation. The fence has a number of gates to allow access to swims. It is very important that members close and lock the gates to ensure security and protection is maintained. It is so important that the gates are closed and locked that we have decided to add a new rule : Any member who fails to close and lock an otter fence gate will immediately have their membership withdrawn.

Tiddenfoot has been stocked with twenty C4 and C5 carp from VS Fisheries. These fish will grow quickly and provide more specimen carp for our members to catch. As you can see some stunning carp have been stocked, these fish will be even better when they reach 40lbs!


Rackley Hills has had a further 10 VS Fisheries C4 carp stocked to add to the 36 fish stocked February 2021.



Astral Park Lake has had a further 10 VS Fisheries C4 carp and 30 C3 carp to add to the carp stocked February 2021. A total of 1800 carp have been stocked by us in less than one year. With the resident population of about 300 carp we estimate there are now over 2000 carp in the lake. During November 2021 the Environmental Agency stocked nearly 4000 roach into the lake. We will also be adding to the fish stocks during February 2022. More tench, bream and possibly some barbel will be added to the lake.

We will create a top quality mixed fishery for our members. As the lake matures we expect the lake will become a mecca for local anglers.

At times sheep are grazed on the land surrounding the lake. If you see any of the sheep in difficulty please contact an LBAC committee member.