Leighton Buzzard Angling Club


Claydon Coronavirus rules

1.   At Claydon only one angler per swim, plus one family member is allowed.

2.   Only fish by a white wooden marker, placed near the lake edge.

3.   Stay approximately 15 metres from other swims where anglers are fishing whenever possible.

4.   Stay 2 metres from other people at all times.

5.   No socialising in swims is allowed. The one angler per swim rule applies here.

6.   If a club officer wants to check your membership booklet please open it to the member details page and have it on display.

7.   Ensure your membership details can be seen by the club official. The club official will not touch your book.

8.   Carry hand sanitizer with you. If you touch gates or locks ensure you thoroughly clean your hands.

9.   Be patient and polite. There may be a shortage of swims.

Claydon Rules

1. You must not enter the grounds through the house entrance. Anglers must park in the Calvert road layby (See map)

2. No bivvies or shelters. A single pole umbrellas may be used.

3. No livebaits or crayfish to be used.

4. No keepnets.

5. Two rods only.

6. No litter.

7. Anglers must be on and off the estate by the stated times. See you book, notices, Facebook or this website.

8. Membership books must be clearly on display at all times when you are fishing.

Stay safe, be patient, obey the rules.


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