Leighton Buzzard Angling Club

Fishing will be allowed during lockdown. You may go alone or with one other family member. You are not expected to travel too far, local travel is requested by the Government.
Tackle shops will close and some will operate a click and collect service.


Tiddenfoot Lake is open. Some swims may be marked as out of use to maintain social distances. Maintain social distance from all other Tiddenfoot Park users. Also note that junior anglers may not fish at night. Only one angler per swim allowed. One family member is allowed but they must stay in your swim.

Rackley Hills is open. Night fishing with a Tiddenfoot night pass after October 15th is allowed. One angler per swim, no guests at night allowed. Four rods per swim limit.

Claydon update : You must fish by one of the white painted wooden markers. Only one angler per swim allowed. One family member is allowed but they must stay in your swim.

Cosgrove Lake open : Covid rules apply.

River Ouzel fishery open : Covid rules apply

Any member failing to follow the rules below or any other club rule will have their membership book removed and a disciplinary procedure started, you will be at risk of a ban from membership if you break our club rules or covid rules. You will especially be at risk of a ban if you are abusive, aggressive or unwilling to follow instruction from one of our club officers.

Coronavirus rules and guidance for club members.

1.   Only one person per swim plus one family member or guest over 15.

2.   At Claydon only one angler per swim and one non fishing guest, no exceptions, by request from the Claydon estate.

3.   Stay 15 metres from other swims where anglers are fishing whenever possible.

4.   Stay 2 metres from other people at all times.

5.   No socialising in swims is allowed. The one angler per swim rule applies here.

6.   If a club officer wants to check your membership booklet please open it to the member details page.

7.  Ensure your membership details can be seen by the club official. The club official will not touch your book.

8.   Carry hand sanitizer with you. If you touch gates or locks ensure you thoroughly clean your hands.

Check our website and Facebook pages for updates to these rules.

Stay Covid safe, obey the rules.


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