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70lb Tiddenfoot catfish caught by Dean Fordham    
Dean Fordham with a 9lb Tiddenfoot tench   Dean Fordham with a 77lb Tiddenfoot catfish
Oli with a fully scaled Tiddenfoot carp   Oli with another Tiddenfoot mirror
Chris Thripp with a Tiddenfoot common   Oli with a Tiddenfoot 43lb mirror
Chris Thripp with a 42lb 8oz Tiddenfoot mirror, May 2019   Chris Thripp with a 44lb 4oz Tiddenfoot mirror, May 2019
Stuart Randall with a Tiddenfoot 30lb 3oz common, April 2019   Chris Thripp with a 40lb 4oz Tiddenfoot mirror, May 2019
Leigh Flood 7lb 4oz tench April 2019   Leigh Flood 15lb 4oz carp April 2019
Leigh Flood with a 24lb Tiddenfoot common carp October 2018   Leigh Flood with a 59lb catfish April 2019
Dean Saunders with a 20lb + Claydon catfish June 2018   Another one!
And another one! Good start to Claydon fishing 2018   Matt Saunders with a 17lb cat from Claydon
Phil Allen with an Ouzel 2-7-8 roach   Aiden Chamberlain with a Claydon 12lb carp
Bob Self with a 15lb Claydon carp   Mark with a 40lb 4oz mirror, Tiddenfoot
Paul Cox with a 56lb 8oz Rackley catfish   Paul Cox with a 54lb Rackley catfish
Mick Parry with a 6lb Ouzel chub   Brian Smalley with a 54lb 8oz Rackley Hills catfish
John Bromley,11lb bream, Claydon Sept 2010   Ben Garland with a 6lb 2oz chub from the River Ouzel
Ian Knott with a 30lb Claydon cat, August 2010   Darren Wickson with a 32lb 6oz Claydon cat, Sept 2010
Harry Bandy with a 27lb Claydon catfish, July 2010   Ben Lawes with a 55lb Tiddenfoot cat, August 1st, 2010. Ben caught a 48lb cat during the same night session.
Paul Bricklebank, 36lb 12oz common, Tiddenfoot, July 10   Harry Bandy with a 9lb 8oz bream from Claydon, July 2010
Graham Sear with a 26lb Rackley mirror carp, June ,2010   Big Max S with a 63lb catfish from Tiddenfoot
Dean Willis with a Rackley Catfish, reported weight 56lb 6oz, caught during a day session, June, 2010   Carl Hillyer with a 56lb Rackley catfish, caught June, 2010
Carl Scuza with a 47lb 7oz Tiddenfoot catfish   June 2010, Darren Wickson with a 26lb Claydon cat.
Carl Hillyer with a 53lb 14oz cat from Rackley   Carl Scuza with a 9lb Tiddenfoot tench
Jason Toms with a 25lb Tiddenfoot carp, May 2010   Robbie Taylor with a 28lb Rackley carp, May 2010
Carl Hillyer with a 20lb 12oz Rackley carp   Carl Hillyer with a 49lb 14oz Rackley catfish
Mick Parry, 5lb chub from the River Ouzel, January 2010   Ben Lovell with a 25lb 6oz Claydon cat
Rob Bysouth with a 9lb 8oz Claydon bream   Phil Allen with part of his Christmas match winning catch.
Sarah Muddiman with a 31lb 9oz Claydon cat   Sam Wood with a Claydon 29lb cat
James with a 14lb Claydon carp  Auust 2009   Rhys Knight with a 9lb 12oz Claydon bream August 2009
Edward with a 32lb Claydon cat   Sam with a 16lb Claydon common carp
John Williams with a 2009 48lb Tiddenfoot catfish   Wayne with a 25lb10oz Claydon cat, June 2009
Trevor with an 18lb common from Tiddenfoot   John with a 19lb Tiddenfoot mirror
Trevor Minter with an 8lb Tiddenfoot tench   Keith with a 30lb Tiddenfoot mirror
William and Trevor Minter with a 7lb Tiddenfoot tench.   Trevor Minter with a 34lb Tiddenfoot Cat
Stuart Moore with a 37lb Tiddenfoot common.   Mat Tomkins with a 42lb Tiddenfoot catfish
Dave Larowski with a 5lb 80z Ouzel bream   Warwick Wainwright with a 31lb 8oz March Claydon cat
Jim Ryan with a 4lb 4oz Ouzel chub   Steve Coleman with a 4lb 8oz Ouzel chub, Feb 2009
Ben Garland with a 5lb 12oz Orchard Mill chub   Luke  Bricklebank with a 4lb 2oz Ouzel chub
Rackley and Tiddenfoot during the freezing weather,  photographs by Paul Bricklebank.
5b 6oz Ouzel chub from the Orchard Mill fishery Mick Parry with a 4lb 8oz Ouzel chub
Big Al with a 14lb 6oz zander from Claydon, September 08 5lb 6oz chub, Orchard Mill, R. Ouzel, Jan 2009
Kevin Scrivener with a 40lb Tiddenfoot common Mark Tyas with crucian carp from Tiddenfoot, reported weight was 4lb. Well done, Mark.
Kieran, age 13, with a zander from Claydon, the reported weight was 19b 3oz Gary Esser with a Tiddenfoot 32lb catfish
Ed with a 14lb Claydon catfish A 51lb catfish from Rackley, September 2008
Aaron with a Claydon 19lb common, August 2nd Bobby with a 21lb Claydon common carp, August 3rd
Jonathan Avery with an 18lb 4oz cat from Claydon, July 2008 Paul Cox with a Rackley Hills 55lb 8oz cat, July 2008
Mark Read with a 34lb mirror from Tiddenfoot  June 2008 Michael Smith with a Claydon 30lb 5oz cat, one of a catch of 11 fish taken on during one day. Well done, Michael.
Jack Carpenter with a 25lb Claydon cat, June 2008 Mark Read with a 47lb cat from Tiddenfoot July 2008
Paul Knight with a Rackley 43lb cat caught during the April 2008 bailiff's weekend. Well done, Paul. May 18th 2008
Brian Smalley with a Rackley 43lb 8oz catfish
A 22lb common from Tiddenfoot for Gary Dolan Paul Bricklebank with a 9lb 8oz Tiddenfoot bream
Paul Bricklebank with a 23lb Tiddenfoot carp Paul Bricklebank with a 4lb 8oz Ouzel chub
Robert Landers with a 27lb cat from Claydon. Paul Bricklebank with an 11lb River Ouzel pike
Bobbie Wass with his first catfish, a 16lb 2oz specimen from Claydon middle lake. James Clarke with a 14lb 8oz common from Claydon.

Richard Crossley with what could be a 13lb Koi carp from Claydon middle lake. There are a number of orange coloured common carp in the lake.

Paul Knight with a 20lb Claydon common
Will Cook with a7lb Claydon bream Mark Harding with a 19lb 6oz Claydon carp
John Goodacre with a 14lb Claydon carp Ryan Shepherd with a 31lb 4oz cat from Claydon
A 5lb 10oz chub from the River Ouzel Ian Hubbard with a 34lb Claydon catfish
Ryan Shepherd with a 27lb 12oz cat from Claydon. Brian Smalley with a 47lb 9oz catfish caught from Rackley Hills on September 1st.

Jack Smith, 14, with his second catfish, a 31lb 14oz specimen. Jack caught a 12lb cat from Claydon just before he caught the thirty. Well done Jack. Brian Smalley with a 45lb 8oz catfish caught from Rackley Hills on August 18th.
David Willis with a 34lb 5oz catfish from Claydon middle lake, July 2007. Neil Massey with a 30lb 8oz catfish from Claydon middle lake, July 2007

Simon Webster(left) Paul Knight(right)

10lb and 18lb catfish. This was a double hook up both on Simon's rod's. Unlucky for Simon he picked up the wrong rod.
Claydon Middle Lake

  William, 6, caught this fine 7lb 2oz carp from Claydon  during on the opening day of the new 2007 season.
Brian Smalley
47lb 6oz catfish
Rackley Hills July 2007
  Gary Edwards
44lb catfish
Rackley Hills May 2007
Paul Knight
9lb 6oz bream
Claydon Middle Lake
  Mick Smart
53lb catfish
Rackley Hills

Brian Smalley
36lb 8oz catfish
Rackley Hills Lake
Brian caught two other catfish of 18lb 4oz and 18lb 8oz


Graham Sear
20lb carp
Rackley Hills Lake
Graham caught five other carp, all in double figures.

Jack Panter
22lb catfish
Claydon Middle Lake


Jack Panter
25lb 2oz catfish
Claydon Middle Lake