Astral Park Lake Open all year

Astral Park video

Parking at Astral Park Lake

We have had complaints about anglers arriving at first light, parking in the estate where there are limited parking spaces and making too much noise, waking up residents. Please use the official car park, accessed via the A505 lay by, on the opposite side to the estate. The car park is secure and safe. Your membership book has an access code for the gate locks. Thank you for your cooperation.


No night fishing  
Astral Park arrival and leaving times

Astral park is producing some lovely double figure carp. These fish were caught April 2021

A new water opening this year. Situated in Astral Park on the outskirts of Leighton Buzzard, close to the A505 and the Billington estate. This lake is a balancing lake for the local estate, is about ten acres in size and has depths to ten feet. The lake is being developed by LBAC and has been stocked with carp, tench, bream, roach and perch. There are carp to 15lbs in the lake, possible larger. As the fish grow we expect this water to become a prolific mixed fishery with some good sized carp present. No night fishing is allowed on this lake.

Members may fish from dawn until dusk. See arrival and leaving times.

No bivvies or camping tents are allowed. Umbrellas or umbrellas with sides only.

Juniors may fish but the lease requires that they are supervised by an adult club member.

Two rods only.

No keepnets, fish must be returned immediately.

Single hook rigs only. Use safe rigs. Our bailiffs may check if you are fishing safely.

No boats of any description allowed.

The lake is situated in a public area so expect members of the public to be walking around the lake. The park rules exclude swimming, BBQs, boats and members of the public must keep a dog under control on a lead.

Access is through the local estate or via the A505 lay by. A gate giving access to a parking area must be closed as livestock may be present. Anglers must be aware that large vehicles use the layby (see picture below) and may block the gate access.

Please take all litter home with you. Members caught leaving litter will be barred from membership.

Astral Park Lake 2018, taken from the club helicopter! The lake is now maturing well with more vegetation and bushes.

The lake has been recently stocked with carp from VS Fisheries. These fish are fast growing and have some beautiful scale patterns.
We have also stocked with small tench, up to ten inches, 1000 crucian carp and 17000 small silver fish up to six inches, mainly roach but also a few bream.

We aim to create a quality mixed fishery for our members. A lake where anglers will be able to catch a mixed bag of fish, or if they prefer , to target some large carp.

Astral Park Photo Gallery