Leighton Buzzard Angling Club


Tiddenfoot rules and Covid rules

1.   Tiddenfoot is a public park used by many other interest groups, walkers, dog walkers, cyclists and sometimes horse riders. You must be patient and exercise restraint if there is any conflict. Any member who is rude to a member of the public will be putting our fishing rights at risk. We will discipline members of LBAC who are rude to the public, you may have your right to fish removed. Report any issues to a bailiff or the club committee. DO NOT do anything that could cause your fishing rights or those of the club to be removed.

2.   Stay 2 metres from other people at all times.

3.   No socialising in swims is allowed. The one angler per swim rule applies here.

4.   If a club officer wants to check your membership booklet please open it to the member details page and have it on display.

5.   Do not touch fishing tackle belonging to other anglers.

6.   Carry hand sanitizer with you. If you touch gates or locks ensure you thoroughly clean your hands.

7.   Be patient and polite. There may be a shortage of swims.

8.   No litter of any sort. Anglers must take home all empty containers, all unwanted items. We will ban any angler who leaves litter from membership for a minimum of two years.

Fishing rules

1.   One bivvy per swim. One angler per swim.

2.   Three rods only. Confine lines to your own swim and water. No casting into other swims.

3.   No bait boats, inflatable boats or any other sort of boat.

4.   A minimum of a 50 inch landing net must be used.

5.   Anglers fishing for carp or catfish must use a minimum line strength of 18lb, higher if possible. There are catfish to nearly 100lb present.

6.   A large unhooking mat must be visible and used.

7.   No fish may be retained and they must be returned to the water as soon as possible.

8.   You may fish for four nights them must leave the lake (see the club rules in your book). You may not leave a bivvy or any tackle in a swim to claim it. Tackle left on the bank will be removed by club officials and safely stored for collection. You will also have your fishing rights removed.

9.   At no time may you leave your tackle with lines in the water. This is not only a club rule but also an EA law. Anglers who are found to be away from their tackle with baited lines in the water will automatically have their membership withdrawn.

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