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Tiddenfoot night pass 2022/23

The night pass will be available from Browns Angling, Grovebury Road, Leighton Buzzard. As last year there will be 100 night passes available.

Existing night pass holders may purchase a new night pass from 15th April until 15th May

To purchase a night pass during this time period you must present a valid 2021/22 night pass, complete with photograph, name and address. Browns will ask for identification, please be ready to provide suitable identification documents. A passport or driving licence will be accepted. 

After May 15th we will offer night passes to anglers on the Tiddenfoot night pass waiting list. You will be contacted by email and will have until May 31st to respond and purchase the night pass. From June 1st any remaining night passes will be offered on a first come first served basis.

When purchasing the night pass you must complete the name and address sections on the night pass before Browns will add their stamp to validate the night pass. A passport style photograph must be attached later. For the night pass to be valid the photograph MUST be attached firmly before you fish at Tiddenfoot.

The night pass fee is £150. Night pass holders must be club members and must also purchase club membership (£50)

Club membership and night passes are valid from purchase until May 31st 2023.

We have recently renewed our fishing rights on Tiddenfoot and have also started a carp stocking programme. During December 2021 20 new VS Fisheries mirror carp were stocked, from 10lb to 16lb. We will be continuing to introduce new carp at the end of 2022. Tiddenfoot is already one the the top specimen waters in the area, if not the whole country. With carp to 46lb, four different forty pound carp and many 20 and 30lb fish, the night pass offers excellent value. That is without reminding our anglers that Tiddenfoot is one of the top catfish waters in the country with fish to 92lb, probably larger. There are good stocks of fish in the 40lb to 70lb range. Just to add the icing to the cake the lake offers our anglers the opportunity to catch quality tench to 13lb and bream to 16lb.

The lake  is waking up at the moment with anglers fishing and catching. Carp to 41lb have been recently caught, with fish in the twenties and thirties being caught. Catfish to 86lb have been caught, with fish in the sixty and seventy pound range also showing. Now the water is warming it is expected that both the carp and catfish will feed with more enthusiasm.
Fish stocking

Recently, December 2021, we stocked 20 new carp from 10lb to 17lb. These fish will add to the impressive carp stocks. The fish were supplied by VS Fisheries. They are fast growing and beautifully patterned. If you catch one of these lovely VS carp please weigh it carefully and return it quickly. Keep us informed of the weight of any VS fish you catch.
Night fishing
If you have a Tiddenfoot night pass ensure that it has a passport style photograph firmly attached and also you have signed the night pass. You must also have your club membership book available for our bailiffs to check. Unsigned books and night passes are not valid membership documents.
Night passes
Night passes for 2022/23 will be sold during April and May. See above.

Below are two of the C5 carp stocked at the end of November 2021.