Rackley Hills Lake


A 6 acre lake on the outskirts of Leighton Buzzard, owned by LBAC. The lake is surrounded by trees and has discrete, private swims. Cars can be parked close to swims on the field side of the lake. The lake has good parking facilities and is very easily accessed from the town bypass. An otter fence has been recently installed. Members must close and lock access gates to maintain fish stock security.

The lake is of variable depth up to 13 feet. Two gates with access codes and an otter fence make the lake very secure for our members. Recently stocked with 46 C4 carp to 16lb. The substantial stock of carp is topped by a 42lb mirror. There are numerous carp in the twenty and thirty pound range.

The lake also contains catfish to 64lb. There are plenty of catfish in the 30lb to 60lb range for our members to catch. Multiple catches, including 50lb fish are common. There are also bream to 12lb present plus roach, perch and pike. During the summer months there is weed growth in the lake, largely confined to the shallow water near the edges. We add a weed suppressant dye every year to ensure the lake is free of weed in the deeper areas. Anglers have found a rake on a rope easily removes the weed to be found in the shallow areas. Night fishing is allowed for night syndicate members only.



Below are two of the 46 VS Fisheries carp stocked this year.