Leighton Buzzard Angling Club
Anglers must be packed up and leaving their swim by the departure time below.
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Astral Park arrival and leaving times 2021

Month Arrival time Leaving time
January 7.30am 4.30pm
February 7.10am 5.15pm
1st to 10th 6.40am 6.00pm
11th to 27th 6.25am 6.15pm
28th to 31st 6.40am 7.40pm
1st to 9th 6.15am 8.05pm
10th to 16th 6.05am 8.15pm
17th to 23rd 6.00am 8.25pm
24th to 30th 5.50am 8.35am
1st to 7th 5.40am 8.50pm
8th to 14th 5.30am 9.00pm
15th to 21st 5.20am 9.05pm
22nd to 31st 5.10am 9.10pm
1st to 4th 5.00am 9.20pm
5th to 11th 4.50am 9.30pm
12th to 18th 4.40am 9.45pm
19th to 25th 4.40am 9.45pm
26th to 30th 4.50am 9.40pm
1st to 9th 5.00am 9.30pm
10th to 16th 5.10am 9.20pm
17th to 23rd 5.15am 9.10pm
24th to 31st 5.20am 9.00pm
1st to 6th 5.25am 8.45pm
7th to 13th 5.35am 8.35pm
14th to 20th 5.40am 8.25pm
21st to 31st 5.45am 8.15pm
1st to 3rd 5.50am 8.05pm
4th to 10th 6.10am 7.55pm
11th to 17th 6.20am 7.45pm
18th to 24th 6.30am 7.35pm
25th to 30th 6.45am 7.25pm
1st to 8th 7.00am 7.10pm
9th to 15th 7.10am 7.00pm
16th to 22nd 7.20am 6.45pm
23rd to 29th 7.30am 6.35pm
30th to 31st 6.30am 5.05pm
1st to 5th 6.45pm 4.50pm
6th to 12th 7.00am 4.45pm
13th to 19th 7.15am 4.40pm
20th to 26th 7.25am 4.30pm
27th to 30th 7.35am 4.20pm
1st to 5th 7.45am 4.10pm
6th to 12th 7.50am 4.10pm
13th to 19th 7.50am 4.10pm
20th to 26th 7.50am 4.10pm
27th to 30th 7.50am 4.10pm

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