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                                                                                                         Carp caught from Astral Park

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May 2022

The lake is producing multiple carp to our members. Some anglers have caught in excess of 10 carp in a session, some well into double figure weights. Some silver fish have been caught with bream to 3lb. The majority of fish caught are carp, mainly because anglers are targeting the species. Most tactics work, standard boilie setup, pop ups, method feeder, quiver tip tactics, all catch carp on this prolific water.

Below some of the many carp caught this month by anglers during May 2022

February Stocking

February 2022 a mixed stocking of 200 6 to 10 inch roach, 100 tench, 100 8 inch bream and 100 barbel from Mainstream Fisheries have been introduced to the lake. All are quality fish, they will grow to provide excellent fishing for our members. The roach are of breeding age, very good quality beautiful silver and red fish. We hope the barbel will thrive in the rich Astral water and provide, in the future, some excellent sport.

Baby tench to join the others in the lake

One of the small tench

Some high quality roach will hopefully grow into specimen fish.

Skimmer bream 100 small barbel

Recently, November 2021, we stocked 10 new carp from 10lb to 12lb, also 30 C3 carp. These fish will add to the impressive carp stocks. The fish were supplied by VS Fisheries. They are fast growing and beautifully patterned. Below are some of the C4 carp stocked at the end of November 2021.

The lake is stocked with crucian carp, small tench, also many thousands of roach. You might have an enjoyable session targeting the smaller fish. Have your net ready because the carp will give you a good fight on lighter tackle!



                Some C3 carp ready for their new home                                                    A grey C4 carp

  Since takingover the fishing rights we have introduced nearly 1900 new carp into Astral lake. With the 300 original common carp we expect the lake to become a prolific water for carp anglers. Our members who prefer other species will be pleased to know that tench, crucian carp, barbel and bream have been added to the fish stocks. Over 20,000 small roach and a few perch were also added last year. Astral lake will become a top class mixed fishery.